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Zhitnaya Str., Moscow, Russia, Official municipal post-1, 119991

Phones (please note these numbers are for journalists only)
+ 7 (495) 677-06-70, + 7 (495) 955-59-57, + 7 (495) 600-10-11, + 7 (495) 955-59-55, emergency media calls (out of hours) - + 7 (985) 914-79-85  

+ 7 (495) 677-06-72

E-mail: pr@minjust.ru

Recommended procedure for submitting requests by journalists:

  1. General requests should be directed to the Press Service of the Ministry of Justice of Russia. 
  2. Requests should be formed on letterhead signed by the accountable manager (editor in chief, feature editor).
  3. The request should include: 
    • the main topic (the subject of the request);
    • a link to the source of information on the subject of the request (media, information agencies, authorized representatives of government organizations,  public associations, etc.);
    • a list of questions;
    • in the case of preliminary agreement or arrangement it is necessary to specify department, section, specialist of the Ministry for answering questions or organizing an interview;
    • contact information of editorial office and correspondent.
  4. The requests should be submitted by fax (495) 677-06-72 or by email pr@minjust.ru.
  5. Answers to requests are given within 7 days (in accordance with the Law of Russian Federation "On Mass Media", Article 40).
  6. Requests concerning  responsibilities of subordinate federal services are sent directly to their the press services.
10 июля 2014 года
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